DIANE SIMPSON is now based in Wymondham (pronounced ‘WinDum)’ which is in the wonderful county of Norfolk.



07595 594767


Says Diane…

“My work is all about seeking, analysing and interpreting patterns of behaviour. With these in mind, I have developed a range of talks relating to personality and behaviour ….see titles and content in TALKS section.

I am also pleased to offer a variety of reports:  if you want a related service that is not listed on this site – just tell me what you need and I’ll tell you what can be done, how long it would take to do it and how much it is likely to cost…

And if I personally can’t help you then I am sure to know someone who can!”

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good morning Diane
    Having had the pleasure of hearing you speak on cruise earlier this year. I received from you A ROUND TUIT beer mat. This is the ideal slogan for my veteran golfers Xmas party. I am enquiring if the said mat has your copyright .
    The idea would be to pass on the inspiration I have used for motivation since receiving mine.
    Thank you in anticipation
    Brian Griggs

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